Love your life🐾

Hello people! Hope y’all are good and safe!

It was 3 o’clock at night and I decided to write this down. It was actually a memory of last year. I had dengue and got very weak. I was in the hospital but fortunately I was pretty good within a week and came to my home.

My life was goin fine till an aunt of mine visited us. I din’t know her well and when she was conversing with my mum , all of a sudden she bursted into tears. All I could hear was, that her son died of dengue 4 years ago who was exactly my age then.

I didn’t feel anything at first but when I went to bed all I could do was to think about it and I realised how i take this life for granted. I mean i am a person who very strongly believes in God. But since last 5 years I’ve been complaining about my life without realizing that it’s the best gift God blessed me with.

Guys, All I wanna say is you’ve got a life, have gratitude and start looking for the positive side of your life. I can assure you that your life is worth living. Do not just survive or exist, start living your life and you’ll see the beauty of life.

And always remember, there are millions of people out there wishing for a life like yours. Value your life. Thank God for giving you this life with each breath. Start giving your life a wonderful meaning.

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You are Beautiful!

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

What is being Beautiful? Is it about how pointed your nose is or is it even about you look?

Well for me it’s not. You don’t have to fill the demands people ask for….. actually, you don’t even have to justify or explain how beautiful you are. Your actions do it for you. Your words do it for you. Your deeds do it for you.

The confidence of being Beautiful makes you more pretty than a pointed chin or some make-up. In my opinion, beauty is the measure of the values you live your life by.

Today, just sit behind , close your eyes and remember all the Good deeds you’ve ever done, even the slightest ones count. Then you’ll know that you’ll feel more beautiful than you ever felt.

And don’t just satisfy by that, start doing more good to be more beautiful. Be beautiful for yourself, to impress yourself. Be beautiful by soul not face. Stop hurting others and you’ll be beautiful. Stop being rude and you’ll be beautiful. Stop being ignorant and you’ll be beautiful.

God made us all very beautiful but of course we had to do something too, so he left the job of finding our beauty to us. Let’s find it. Let’s help each other find it. Let’s start appreciating things. Let’s start being Beautiful.

Hope y’all have a pleasant day❤️

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What exactly is love?

Hey there!

Hope you’re having a fun-filled day and YOU’RE LOVING EVERYTHING!

You know ,i do believe that God resides within all of us and thereby loving God (paramatma) is all about LOVING every single thing present in this universe.

And as I’ve mentioned a lot about LOVING I’ll have to be clear with “what is love??”

You can not stand in love, you can not climb in love, you can not fly in love – you can only fall in love.


Love is a feeling that connects a soul with the other , and you know whatttt that connection makes you feel as if… you have connected with the Divine soul!

Love is being happy in others happiness.

Love is being kind to others.

Love is caring for others.

And love doesn’t only lie between people having relations …. Every damn thing in this world has a connection with your soul and Your energy. Love everyone. Be kind to everyone. Respect everyone. And boom…!! Everyone loves you.

I know it’s hard to care when people do not care. It happens with all of us. When we think that our friends don’t value us, our family doesn’t care for us, our crush doesn’t like us back and coming to the worst we don’t like ourselves.

But if we start Loving each one of them without anticipating, that’ll be something cool. When you’ll start Loving and caring for your family and friends, they’ll love you too. Try to give out positive vibes wherever you go and no soon you’ll start receiving those vibes too.

I love y’all for there’s a God Inside all of ya♥️ and yeah do like and comment your views. They mean a lot to me.

Happiness lies all inside you!

Grief engulfs my soul deep inside the oceans of meloncholy .


Most of the people in this big wide world are sad, depressed, stressed and worried and all they can ask about is where is happiness in this world?

Yeah happiness is just like God, you go to temples and churches all over the world to find Him but he’s inside your divine soul. Happiness lies all inside you. You just have to think, and I know speaking of thinking this way is easy but thinking positive isn’t, but you’ve got to trust me “nothing will improve unless you think”. Try to spend time with yourself. You’ve got to know that there’s no soul as pure as yours. You are gonna be happy if you think that you’re happy. Grab all those negative thoughts and throw them outta your mind. Now how to do this……. Simple, let the positive thoughts take place of the negative ones but keep working until the negativity knows that it doesn’t belong with you!

Just think that you’re happy and happiness is all you have♥️


when no one listens, the best way is to grab anything and write your thoughts

Hello people!

So this year I started writing my diary. At first I thought it was normal but gosh then I read it, you won’t believe me but it was beautiful and then I decided to share all of what I think with you thinking that it would bring a change.

I’ll be agoged if you guys like it.

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Thanks! Nice day y’all!